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“Prevent Your Child From Ever
Being Bullied and, If It’s Already
Happening, Make It Stop”

We have been working with kids for over 40 years, so we understand the physical and emotional abuse resulting from bullying. That’s why we became certified as the only Bully Expert in Oak Park, IL by Verbal Defense & Influence, the world leader in training focused on how to communicate in stressful situations.

We are proud to be part of the worldwide network of certified Bully Experts.

Our anti-bullying program is based on a methodology that’s been taught to over 1 million individuals, covered in four published books and street-tested by law enforcement professionals throughout the world since 1983. In 2009 this methodology was adapted for use with youth bullying and the resulting program has now been adopted in over 200 communities via a national network of “Bully Experts.”

To learn more you should get our free anti-bullying toolkit, which includes two videos (25 minutes total), a transcript of the videos (8 pages), a parent workbook (14 pages), and Understanding Bullying, a research paper providing an overview of the bullying problem (5 pages).

Just click on the link above to sign up to get immediate access to this toolkit. In addition, learn about our class schedules, prices and web specials for our anti-bullying programs in Oak Park, IL on how to prevent and stop bullying.